Shopping prolongs life

The journal "Epidemiology and public health published a study of Taiwanese scientists, according to a scientific article often shopping significantly extends the lifespan. The findings are based on a survey of 1850 elderly residents of Taiwan, conducted in 2000. Respondents over 65 years of age were asked to answer questions about how often they go and went to the store earlier.

After 10 years of survey data were compared with the life expectancy of the participants, comparing records of deaths from 1999 to 2008.

48 percent of the participants had never visited the store or went there at least once a week, 22% visited the store two to three times per week and 17 percent went shopping every day. The overall result is quite simple - all those who walked in the store every day live longer than those who don't like to visit places of trade.

Those who visited the store every day, have a chance to live up to 27 percent longer than the rest, and the majority of shoppers are men.

We all understand that for an elderly person shopping not only shopping, but also walking, socializing, new emotions and a reason to keep yourself in good shape. Shopping gives older people the motivation, which is so lacking in old age. I wish our seniors were possible as often as possible to go shopping and to extend themselves in this way of life.

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