Shopping continues to occupy a leading position as stress

Every day each person comes into the battle with stress. There are many types of combat stress, but among them the most effective continues to be shopping. This has been confirmed by a recent study which found that 64 percent of women and 40 percent men use the shopping therapy to cheer up. But in this case there are gender differences: while women prefer to buy clothes, men are more likely to spend money on food. In any case, a good mood for both sexes after shopping provided.

In addition, how to spend money to buy clothes, to improve their mood women buy products, shoes, accessories, as well as magazines and books. Men in addition to products I like to buy various electronic gadgets, CDs with music, films and computer games, and toys. In the conducted survey polled more than 1,000 respondents. In addition, the results of the survey showed that every third woman considers therapy shopping as the best way to uplift your mood. Men of such opinion is supported by one fifth.

The reasons that motivate a person to improve his mood by shopping, every 5th Respondent said that thus it relieves mood after a hard day's work, 14 percent use shopping to relieve stress after receiving bad news, and 12 percent start your shopping trip after an unpleasant conversation with your interlocutor. 2/3 of the respondents said that they prefer to do their shopping in online stores.

Among the reasons that cause a person to make purchases on the Internet, 43% of the respondents answered that it is the prospect of staying at home to 42 percent of it is simply convenient to 38 percent this enables you to refrain from driving, and a wide range of shops as the reason he chose to specify 31 % of respondents. A quarter of respondents said that making purchases at online stores, this means not having to carry the bags to the house.

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