Shopping can replace training

A recent study found that shoppers a year pass to the shops almost 250 kilometers. This distance is eight marathons. Scientists have mentioned figure, taking the basis that the person is shopping three times a week. Thus, shopaholics are disposed of annually from 15 000 calories, which is a similar number of calories contained in 67 chocolate bars. It should also be noted that the study was conducted on women who wore lagomera measuring elapsed their distance.

By the way, carried out scientific work was not taken into account the small shopping, for example, for products. Scientists have studied only visiting supermarkets and hypermarkets. To research women women do not even think it was, what distance have them pass. They only felt tired. Meanwhile, the nurses admitted that this method of burning calories much more fun than the gym. On this basis, scientists came to the conclusion that shopping can replace training.

In fact, while shopping is such an exercise, like walking, and in addition there are also stretching exercises. Women do it when they have to stretch to reach something from the top shelf of the shelving. Strength exercises replaces return home with a full and heavy bags. Proceeding from the above, it can be stated that shopping in addition to a pleasant pastime, will help burn a considerable amount of extra calories.

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