Shoes contributed in changing the structure of the human foot

Scientists Rutgers University (new Jersey) suggested that the transformation feet began about 40,000 years ago, during this period presumably ancient people began to wear the prototype of the modern shoes. Thus, American scientists have concluded that the changes in the structure of human feet sacrament is not the environment, and such external factors as shoes.

Conclusion scientists were made after the examination of the skeletons of ancient people. Before people started wearing shoes his skeleton had quite a different form than in the subsequent century, footwear was influenced by the distribution of weight of the person, and consequently on the structure of rights in the future.

Currently, scientists are unable to find specific differences between the clad and barefooted man, but the skeletons of these people are completely different. Recent studies have confirmed that with the onset of shoes the greatest change has been the bone of a man, they became more elongated and thin, there was a redistribution of muscle mass, as a result, the center moved into the region of the knee.

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Initial studies have shown that people started wearing shoes approximately 10,000 years ago, but American scientist Eric Trinkaus managed to prove that all the shoes has a lot of ancient origin and has been in existence for over 30,000 years.

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