Shoes are the most popular type of chapmanii women

No longer surprised women need to purchase. It is believed that in the shopping weak half of the world's most interesting purchase bags and clothes. However, according to statistics, 1st place in shopmania now women buying shoes.

Statistics says the average woman buys 34 pairs of shoes, but this result in 2 times higher than the 2010 data. While men are much calmer to buy these things, they are approximately satisfied 14 pairs. More than half of women (53%) admitted that every month buy a new pair of shoes, but try to hide it from my family. One third of participants hide shoes in a bag, shoes and new clothes, only leaving the house.

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In the collection of ordinary women female half of the population will be found: flip flops and sandals, stilettos, shoes with a comfortable low heel for walking to work, running shoes, at least one pair of shoes, wedges and platform shoes, boots and high boots.

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