Shock wave therapy: the principle of action and indications

The method of the TVC can be considered one of the most effective in the treatment of various bone diseases and not only. It was designed not so long ago - in the 90-ies, in Switzerland.

The basis of this method is the impact on well-defined affected area of tissue high-energy acoustic vibrations of a certain frequency . They can be compared with those waves that occur in nature after powerful explosions, such as lightning strikes. From conventional ultrasound they differ enormous pressure amplitude.

Generated by the special apparatus of the wave passing through the muscle tissue, has a positive effect on bone, which represents an acoustically tight formation. The result is a softening and crushing of various pathological processes and seals. In the future, the resulting fine particles are eliminated from the body through the bloodstream.

In addition, the use of shock wave therapy promotes tissue regeneration and to eliminate pain. In areas subjected to such impact, restoring normal metabolism and blood flow, as well as the formation of healthy blood vessels.

Apply shock wave therapy for such diseases as:

• arthritis and arthrosis;

• osteochondrosis and scalise;

• diabetic foot;

• diseases of the ligaments and tendons;

• the consequences of fractures and other injuries;

• heel spur;

• muscle spasms and injuries of soft tissues.

This is not an exhaustive list of cases when it is considered appropriate to use similar techniques. Usually after the first procedure the pain goes. The entire course consists of 5 to 7 sessions. After full completion of the positive results observed in more than 90% of cases. Procedures done on an outpatient basis and can last from ten minutes to half an hour.

In this method, like any other has its contraindications. These include:

• pregnancy;

• thrombosis;

• the presence in the tissues of tumors;

• child;

• inflammatory processes in tissues;

• diabetes mellitus.

In addition, treatment of this methodology is not applicable if in the path of the waves lies lung tissue, intestine, as well as in some other cases.

Shock wave therapy can be considered a very effective way to get noticeable results where before it was almost impossible. Its use leads to a significant reduction of pain arising from a number of diseases, as well as healing past. That is, in fact, this method allows you to return the patient to a normal, active life.

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