Sharing intimate photos among teenagers - normal, psychologists believe

"Sexting is the exchange of intimate photos through a computer or smartphone. Often sexting teenagers. Experts from the University of Texas have popularis to understand how normal this phenomenon can be considered from the point of view of shaping the psychology of the adolescent.

The study lasted for six years, attended teenagers from Texas. Each filled out a questionnaire in which anonymous told about sexting, their sexual activity, according to Science World Report.

Scientists noticed that sexual activity in adolescents was greater in the active peresie their intimate photos of friends and acquaintances. In some cases, " sexting was the beginning of a sexual acquaintance of the two partners.

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Thus, scientists believe such classes are a normal part of adolescent development. In the article " sexting compared with the use of psychoactive substances. Not always one and the other is associated with poor well-being. One of the reasons is the desire to know ourselves and to introduce themselves to others.

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