Shape waist will talk about the nature of women

A group of scientists from America under the leadership of Elizabeth Cashdan during unique studies have proven the existence of a relationship between the shape of the waist of the woman and her character. The study evaluated the waist representatives of thirty-population, and the study took several years.

Scientists have found that the weak waist - the sign of a strong character and independence. It is noted that such girls are appreciated in Portugal, Greece and Japan. In these countries the woman is usually dependent on men.

In Denmark and the UK, women are more likely to have a more curvy shape, and slim silhouettes are rare. In these countries a man and woman have the same rights and level of wealth does not depend on gender.

In addition, it was shown that wasp waist is a sign of good health. Owner wasp waist less likely to suffer infertility and diseases of the reproductive system.

Scientists have identified and the most attractive ratio of waist to hip size. As the standard of beauty is mentioned the 0.7. It is worth noting that the average woman has a ratio of 0.8.

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