Sexually transmitted diseases and monogamous protection

The results of a recent study showed that when people are inclined to change a long standing partner, he just forgets about protected or safe intimacy. Scientists believe that this factor contributes, no, you could even say favors the alcohol, writes The Daily Mail. But open (permanent) relationship is much less likely to sexually transmitted diseases, as partners in intimacy are fully aware that they commit.

To clarify this gave the opportunity to the Internet company. Experts initially wanted to know whether monogamous relationship to be as a preventive measure in infection. From 1647 of the people surveyed 801 admitted that he was unfaithful to a partner.

Moreover, 493 episodes that happened in the course achieved with a partner arrangements that the relationship between them will be open. But here is 308 persons with other people came into contact when it was in a monogamous relationship.

In the period of change the people in the latter group of 27 percent less likely to have used the condom during vaginal contacts and 35 percent - anal contact. They're on a 64 per cent more likely to have used drugs and alcohol.

Terry Conley doctor of the University of Michigan (USA) commented: "it turns Out that the people who are in a traditional relationship, but from time to time go outside, carry extraordinary threat to their partner. From all this it follows that monogamy is valid only in the case when two people initially do not suffer from any sexually transmitted diseases and to each other faithful."

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