Sexual arousal will overcome the disgust

Freud tried to find out whether a man engaged in a passionate kiss with a cute girl, then feel disgusted at the thought of using a toothbrush of this girl. To clarify this question, the Dutch researchers conducted an experiment, which proved that humans develop certain biological mechanisms, allowing him to crush the disgust during sex, reports inopressa with reference to The Times.

The study involved students of Groningen University (men experiments were carried out previously). The female composition of the subjects were divided into three groups. The first group was shown a film with erotic content that can cause sexual arousal in women. The second group watched the movie about dangerous sports, non-sexual emotions. The third group of girls were shown a film of neutral content about the journey by rail.

After viewing all the participants had to perform multiple actions of the same type can cause disgust. The students had to eat biscuits with baked worm, putting on his shirt, which, according to the leaders of the experiment, wore a pedophile during copulation, move dirty panties in the Laundry basket and hold it in the hands of a bone of an animal.

According to journalist John Parrington, girls from the 1st group, in a state of sexual arousal, as assessed tasks related to sex, how much less obnoxious than other wards scientists. Interestingly, men are all the same actions and objects were attracted far less disgust. According to study co-author she Borg, the results of the experiment can open new opportunities for the treatment of certain sexual disorders such as vaginismus.

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