Sexual addiction is not the result of mental illness

Edition of Medical News Today assured its readers, based on the research of scientists from the University of California that sexual addiction is not a mental illness, but only the form of increased libido. Specifically, in order to refute these myths, the researchers conducted a series of tests that took the order of 52 people, including women and men.

Subjects specifically showed 225 images of different content. Thus, images were divided into 4 groups:

1. Images of a sexual nature (men, women)

2. Image in a non-sexual nature (the man who jumps with a parachute)

3. Neutral images (portraits)

4. Image, causing hostility (mutilated bodies)

Meanwhile, the scientists measured the rate R (meter immediate response of the brain after exposure to within 300 milliseconds). The growth rate R indicates the degree of interest of the individual. Thus, it was assumed that depending on the shows, the degree of response will vary. However, this has not happened. The reaction of the brain was absolutely not predictable and was not based on the main parameters of hypersexuality. According to the results, no abnormalities in the brain was not detected, and all reactions were associated exclusively with sexual desire. The only explanation for sex addiction was an increased libido.

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