Sexologists: sex on the schedule is a common thing

The new study showed that more than 30 % of people have sex on a schedule, namely, only when they have time. While they try to find a "window" in busy work schedule, don't have sex when there is a desire.

On the contrary, if the desire arises at the time scheduled for something else, this "something else" is preferred, and plans remain unchanged.

Only 28 percent of couples said that had sex when was this desire, and 23 percent having a partner was a decisive factor in determining the time for sex.

According to the data obtained during the study, people having sex at night 13 times more often than during the day. These data were obtained after survey of 300 pairs, of which 65 percent said that having sex at night for 20 percent of the favorite time for love is morning, 10 percent of respondents like to have sex in the evening, and only 5 percent said that they have the opportunity to have sex during the day.

According to sexologists, such an attitude to sex is created due to the busy life rhythm, and also because the sex loses its priority.

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Sexologists recommend to raise the profile of sex, and this applies to all, even those people who are tired at work. They can be chosen a more convenient time, as having sex at night after a hard day's work is highly undesirable. Sex can be transferred on the day and to day work is not interfered with, to have sex in the weekend.

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