Sex with a condom is as good as without a condom

There is a perception, especially among the male half of the population of the planet that have sex with condom use less enjoyable, because of what men, often jeopardizing their health and that of your partner, begin to insist on sex without a condom, citing the fact that they can do it to have fun.

The study showed that sex with a condom as well as without it equally enjoyable. The study was conducted by American scientists from the universities of Michigan, which found that men are not hard to maintain an erection during training safer sex.

And, women, having sex using a condom men, makes them more fun, because they feel more protected and therefore can relax. Plus, women are able to determine during sexual intercourse, how was the condom without lubricant or lubricated.

Based on the results of the study, the researchers insist that the use of a condom during sex necessarily, and should not ignore it, whatever the reasons for this were not invented. Because there are a large number of diseases that are difficult to treat and can long be asymptomatic, which eventually leads to more serious consequences.

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