Sex is good for immunity

As the scientists from Switzerland: sex has a positive effect on the immune system. Neuroimmunology Manfred Sadlowski, based on the results of his study revealed that the number of killer cells after sex increases in the half.

The mechanism of action is as follows: T cells detect malignant or virus-infected cells, and then penetrate into them and cause them apoptosis (self-destruction of cells). They also can absorb bacteria and foreign particles. Based on these data, the German immunologist Peter Schleicher said that sex contributes to the process of cleansing the human body from infected and diseased tissues and cells.

Scientists have repeatedly proven the positive effects of sex on the body. For example, during sex, the body receives a large number of hormones, one of which is dopamine - a substance that cleans the blood of cholesterol and positively affect the human psyche.

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