Sex improves memory - scientists

An interesting study was conducted by scientists from America and South Korea. They found that sex can improve the processes of memory. In this pleasant occupation are formed more neural connections. The data of this study were published in the online edition of The Telegraph.

Subjects were used in laboratory mice, which are known for their passion for reproduction. It turned out that 30 minutes of sex in a day significantly increases the level of metabolic processes in the animal brain, which allows the nervous tissue of animals to evolve.

Scientists have noted that the theory of "nerve cells do not regenerate" is partially incorrect. In nervous tissue contains stem cells, which at any moment can be activated to form additional neurons. Sex, as it turns out, is one of the factors causing the growth.

Note that the effect quickly disappeared after cessation of sexual life. It is believed that sex helps to deal with stress, which has a dampening effect on brain tissue.

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