Sex after childbirth

Sex after childbirth can be engaged when both partners will feel more attracted to each other. Many girls believe that the permission to resume intimacy should give the doctor-gynecologist at the first postpartum checkup, others prefer to make love to visit to the doctor, so that when the inspection to discuss the difficulties. In many ways, the resumption of sexual life after childbirth depends on the individual partners. Some couples intercourse occurs already in the first month after birth, most young parents intercourse happens between the first and third month, some couples again become sex partners only after six months, or even years. There is no single standard to which to aspire.

What if it hurts to have sex after giving birth? Often in women after childbirth there is no natural lubrication. This leads to the fact that during intercourse cause unpleasant pain. In this situation, you should pick a neutral gel lubricant, which will replace the natural lubrication and eliminate pain.

When the first proximity it is better to limit caresses, gradually getting used to the game of love. After birth the most successful copulation posture is considered that when a woman is on top and is able to control the depth and frequency of intrusions.

Many young mothers within a certain time period generally of interest in sex does not have. There are a number of good reasons:

• discomfort in the crotch area, caused by breaks, episiotomy and suturing;

• swelling in the genital area and increased sensitivity;

• physical and emotional fatigue;

• different perception of their own body, have not yet come into shape after childbirth, etc.

If a woman is not ready to make love, and the partner has a clear desire, the main thing is to explain the reason for the reluctance to have sex, because a man can feel rejected. Thus it is very important to talk openly about feelings, to avoid misunderstandings.

If in the evening you can't think about anything except sleep Wales with fatigue, try to make love in the afternoon when the baby is sleeping, and my mom still has power and she can get pleasure from sex.

If the time comes, and the discomfort continues, consult a doctor. You may need surgical intervention to correct scars or episiotomy.

In order to cause the vaginal muscles in tone after natural childbirth, perform exercises that affect the pelvic floor muscles. You can enroll in special classes where experienced coach will not only help restore the form, but also tell you how to elevate your mood.

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