Sergio Canavero plans to conduct an operation to transplant a head next year

Neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero of the Turin University plans to make transplant of the head in the next year. The patient-volunteer was found a few years ago, it is the programmer Valery Spiridonov from Russia. The patient has an incurable disease spinal muscular atrophy. Valery at the moment is almost completely immobilized. The next stage of progression of the disease – respiratory arrest.

Now there is encouraging data: an experiment in transplanting the head of a paralyzed dog was successful. Two weeks after the operation the animal was able to walk. Similar experiments were performed with rats and mice, but they are very successful not ended. Only 20% of rats in one experiment recovered motor activity.

Critics believe that the neurosurgeon took too early for such a complex operation. Some scientist suspect in the falsification of the results of some experiments and hiding information.

If you believe the plans Sergio Canavero, the first transplant surgery of the head will be held in late 2017. Head is removed from the body within hours. A month after surgery, the patient will spend in a coma.

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