Septoplasty: breathe deeply and calmly!

Some people are not happy with the shape of his nose, frequent concern is too long, broad nose, or the presence of a bump. However, there is such a defect as a deviated septum, which also makes breathing difficult. In this case, the problem becomes not only an aesthetic...

Causes of a deviated septum:

In addition, patients are not satisfied with the shape of the nose, this disadvantage causes and other complaints: the above-mentioned difficulty in breathing, snoring, dry nose. Also like the feature of the structure may cause various diseases, allergic and inflammatory diseases (sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, and others).

Septoplasty is a plastic surgery that is performed to correct the nasal septum, both for aesthetic and medical reasons (difficulty breathing). Often combined with such a method, as rhinoplasty. Is the persons of adult age, because until 18 years of age the cartilage of the nose are not yet fully formed.

In preparation for the septoplasty doctor conducts a physical examination using the endoscope, no contraindications for surgery (blood clotting disorders, infectious and oncological processes, and others), assigns a number of standard tests for admission. Also on the preliminary consultation, the decision on additional plastic surgery to change the shape, size of the nose.

A few days before the scheduled surgery to eliminate the intake of certain medications, in particular affecting the coagulability of the blood is need to discuss with your doctor. On the day of the surgery refrain from eating.

The operation of the Septoplasty is performed under local anesthesia, the duration of the manipulation from 30 minutes to 2 hours. As a rule, use endonasally access that does not involve incisions on visible areas of the face. First, an incision is made in the skin and mucosa, soft tissue prepare the chin. Then the plastic surgeon moves the bones and cartilage in the desired position, iscet curved sections, i.e., holds the reshaping of the nose, then put some stitches in. To stop bleeding and protect against the penetration of infectious agents nasal passages companywide. Then the nose is fixed with a bandage.

In addition to traditional operations may be conducted less traumatic endoscopy, which involves smaller incisions and therefore quick period of healing. The choice of the type of procedure performed by the physician based on the particular situation and the need for additional simultaneous interventions.

The rehabilitation period Tampons are removed after about 1-2 days. After a septoplasty, the patient is prescribed antibiotics to prevent complications associated with the accession of infection, as well as painkillers, because for the first time in the region is conducted manipulation marked soreness, swelling. Breathing through the nose is restored in a few weeks.

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