September 10 is world Day against suicide

September 10 is world suicide prevention day, the establishment of this day should teach people all over the world to actions that will help to stop someone determined to commit suicide. On an average day commits suicide 3000 people worldwide. One person who managed to say goodbye to life, have 20 others that are just trying.

The world Health organization and the international Association for suicide prevention perform actions on prevention of suicidal behavior, provide appropriate treatment and care of people who tried to commit suicide. International Association for suicide prevention leads statements in the media about the number and causes of suicide in the world.

The problem of suicide should be raised at the global level, because of premature death for this reason, it would seem easiest to prevent. Governments should develop policies for the prevention of suicide. At the local level should be organized communities, who will carry out measures to prevent the occurrence of a determination to commit suicide.

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