Sensitive denture will return persons with disabilities joy handshake

The European Union launched a project funded by Smarthand, which developed a prosthetic hand that can feel tactile sensations.

Lost hand people often suffer from the fact that experiencing phantom pains in otsutstvujushee limbs, and also can't feel the usual things, which significantly complicates their lives.

Bioproces from Smarthand the patient will be able to feel like a real hand that will help restore disabled brightness perception of the world. The prosthesis will be built 40 sensors connected to the cult through nerve endings in the shoulder. When the patient is to press the object prosthesis, then the received sensor data will be sent to the brain, which will process them so that the experience will be the same as the man clenched his thing live hand. First of all it will bring many people joy hug.

The first tests Smarthand allowed doctors to give encouraging signs. It was attended by six persons with amputated hands and five healthy people. First test the mechanism of man, previously manages electronic hook instead of a right hand, said that he had the feeling that he touches the tips of the fingers of the prosthesis and feels solid surface of the object.

Besides the fact that the new prosthesis will perform all the functions of this hand, disabled people will be spared from having to take painkillers against phantom pain.

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