Sensitiv Imago - what is it really?

Sensitiv Imago - a novel direction in the system of modern diagnostics for identifying diseases at early stages of development with the use of computer processing of the information received. It is constantly being improved with the arrival of accumulated experience.

In the name of the system diagnostics "Sensitiv Imago" contains a deep meaning, its principle of operation and is translated as "the transformation of the body from one state to another" in the moment "accurate, sensitive diagnostics. In another sense, "IMAGO" is the abbreviation. It can be deciphered as: - individual, M - monitoring, And anatomy, graphics, On - organs.

The principle of operation of the method of bioresonance diagnostics.

In the design and development of fundamental principles of the human brain and its subordinate structures, down to the cellular level. Based on the principle that all activity is reduced to the motion of a living cell of an organism with a certain frequency was set vibrating nature of protein tissue. All of our body systems, organs, cells and intracellular education work rhythmically on its frequency. And this range is very large. If the cells are healthy, work harmoniously, the picture of their work alone. If the disease affects the body, i.e. there is a virus or abnormal burden, any disease - resonance oscillations are also changing. Learn more about the mechanism You can read in this article.

Regularity of optimal rhythm gave rise to the concept of bio-resonance. This means that if the survey taken by the device information is compared with a reference set in its database, and when a match occurs the phenomenon of bio-resonance, i.e., the coincidence of vibrational frequencies.

Method of bioresonant diagnostics allows to determine the difference in resonant oscillations. This process can be measured, to decipher and fix using popular device for diagnosis "Sensitiv Imago 500".

The whole process of diagnosis throughout the study clearly displayed on the monitor, color images of virtual bodies, charts and graphs help to inform the patient about the course of testing.

The study is completely safe and has no harmful effects.

The diagnostic devices "Sensitiv Imago" develop, their accuracy is 95% - 96%.

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The main objective of this unique system is the help of man. It is aimed at strengthening his body, extending and improving life.

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