It is necessary to form the child's self-esteem beginning from the first years of life. So say scientists from the International laboratory for analysis. They conducted a study and proved that the child's self-esteem affects his academic performance in most subjects.

Not always exclusively the possession of material forms the student. Mental ability combined with a sense of dignity – that's the secret of success in most modern schools. The ability not only to learn and understand the material, but also competently to report it, experts say, need to lay from first grade.

"Self-esteem is one of the most important factors, which may explain the Association between low scores on a particular subject, as well as interest thereto. If the child does not have time, for example, in mathematics, his skill and interest in this subject will fall in direct proportion. It is the child's self-esteem affects how he will learn in school. The basics of this are laid in the early grades and are often held until the very end," say the researchers.

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