Self-confidence is the key to high positions

Difficult and risky job often get self-confident people, raises them up the career ladder. Does not interfere with even a feeling of superiority over others, writes Eurek Alert.

Data were established scientists from Newcastle University and the University of Exeter in the study with 72 volunteers from among the students. They were asked to Express their opinion about themselves and other participants in the study on a piece of paper. 11 students assessed themselves and others as equal. 32 participants underestimated their capabilities in comparison with the group, the other 29 people had inflated self-esteem and thought about myself too well.

According to a study, volunteers, pending good evaluations from others, in most cases received them. Scientists came to the conclusion that overconfidence is associated with luck and is the key to promotions and awards.

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Self-confident people are risk-averse, they easily take on any job and achieve success. Such people are hard to miss in the workplace, therefore, enhance the career ladder they achieve much more.

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