Selenium 60 percent reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer in men

A new study found that men in the blood are experiencing elevated levels of selenium, less prone to the emergence of their prostate cancer. Thus, according to the authors of the study, selenium is an effective tool for the prevention of prostate cancer. According to experts, there are quite a few known controllable risk factors for prostate cancer, and every substance that can reduce its risk, is very important for people's health.

Dutch scientists from Maastricht University on its opening said during a conference of the American Association for cancer research, which takes place every year. Scientists have warned that while the results of their study should not be regarded as recommendations, as they have not yet been published in any peer-reviewed journals.

The role of selenium in prostate cancer prevention has been studied many times, and earlier research has shown that selenium ineffective. Selenium has no effect against prostate cancer and in combination with vitamin E. Here, scientists make a small correction, as this is an old study looked at men, the selenium level in blood was normal. And scientific research by Dutch scientists has absorbed men who have observed the lack of selenium in the blood, and besides them there were registered cases of metastatic prostate cancer.

In the new study found that a lack of selenium affects the patients ' condition. And men with high levels of selenium in the blood were 60 percent less likely to experience they have prostate cancer. It should be noted that selenium rich in seafood, especially shrimp and offal: liver and kidneys. In high doses, selenium is a toxic substance, but additionally, it may cause diabetes and skin diseases.

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