Selective eating is an eating disorder?

Intelligibility in food is a fairly common phenomenon among children, but the children's eating disorder is a much more serious problem that can affect both mental and physical condition of the child.

It is important to differentiate these two state intelligibility and eating disorder, consider pediatrician Peter Girolami of Baltimorethe Institute. Picky eating child may withdraw from the different products that he does not like, as it is quite nutritious diet. Children with pediatric nutritional disorder may have only three or four kinds of products and abandon food list, that is why their power can not be called balanced, which may affect health.

Some children with this violation develops aversion to foods of a certain color or texture, others have problems with swallowing.

According to studies, about 10 percent of all children in one form or another suffer pediatric eating disorder. All parents are urged to remember the behavior of their children during the past 30 days - was not sudden changes in habits. Signs of an eating disorder may be:

- Coughing, choking while eating.

- Loss of energy and constant fatigue.

- Aggressive behavior at the table.

- Delay in the development of skills and refusal to learn new things.

Early diagnosis and treatment of such disorders is extremely important, as it inhibits all development of the child, and advanced cases can permanently affect the physical and mental condition of the child.

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