Selection of tropical parasite will help defeat asthma

Scientists from James cook University have managed to improve the performance of breath at the introduction into mice of a particular protein secreted by the worm-a parasite ankylostoma. It is possible that the connection will be the basis for new drugs aimed at treatment and prevention of asthma.

Asthma – a disease related to disorders in the cells of the immune system, causing the reaction of the respiratory system. Most often, asthma attack develops under the influence of one of the allergens. Scientists have found that the connection AIP-2 secreted by the worm-parasite protects mice from just two diseases: immune inflammation of the intestine and bronchial asthma.

Further studies will show how found a substance suitable for use in modern medicine. At the moment, asthma is an incurable disease. However, the appropriate drug therapy allows you to control almost every case of the disease.

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