Selection criteria treadmill for home

In our time simulators for home become very popularly, as modern humans do not always have the time to visit gyms. Typically, the choice falls on the treadmill, but before you buy this machine, it is important to pay attention to several criteria.

The first and most important step to choosing a treadmill is to identify the purpose for which the treadmill is acquired, and the approximate amount you are willing to spend.

Treadmills apply to discharges of cardio equipment. Systematic correct exercises on a treadmill will give you the opportunity to feel like such a simulator has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. One of the reasons for the popularity of the treadmill training is effective in the fight against excess weight.

What to consider when choosing a treadmill?

1. Electrician against mecaniquement paintings mechanical treadmill is due to the efforts of your body. If you will be running blade will spin, but when you stop blade stops too. Mechanical treadmill eliminates the need to run at a given speed. The main advantages of these types of paths:- minor trainer weight (compared to electric);- does not require electricity;- affordable price.

The main difference of electric treadmills is the fact that to bring the running belt in the movement does not need to make an effort. That work for you will make the motor. In this case, have the ability to set any speed. The panel, in addition to displaying the main parameters (heart rate, speed and distance travelled), allows you to set your own training program. The list above additional options defines the high cost of electric treadmills.

2. Power elektromotoren dignity treadmill electric motor. The power of the motor determines the maximum speed of the track. There are two measures of speed of any motor - continuous and peak. In the process of working on a treadmill, the motor will operate with constant power, at the rate you should pay attention in the selection process model simulator.

3. Parameters Jogging protasovo canvas is annular tape is mounted on the two shafts and rotating them. Here, also, there are several issues you should pay attention.So, you need to consider the physical characteristics of the running belt. Length and width should be chosen based on the data of each family member who is planning to do on a treadmill. The dimensions of the canvas are determined by the completion of training, the length of his step, the running speed. The most common ratio is the trainer running belt size 40 inches in width and 12 inches in length.

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