Selection after birth

Immediately after birth, women will have vaginal discharge. They are called lachemi. Lochia arise under natural childbirth, and after caesarean section. The composition of their various. This mucus, and blood, and cells of the inner layer of the uterus - the endometrium. The duration of the discharge depends on the speed of recovery of the endometrium and is usually from half to two months.

In the first days after birth Fuckers bloody, often with clots, up to three hundred ml, contain a large number of red blood cells. During this period the uterus intensively cleaned. In the second week they become brown or yellow, do not contain clots, more mucous, their number decreases slightly. It should be noted that they are actively movements and when the pressure on the abdomen. On the third week of color lohii pale yellow, their number is insignificant, but in the afternoon the selection permanent. During the month of may occasionally deviate a small blood clots dark brown color. To be afraid it is not necessary, it is normal.

Lochia can stop faster than those women with lactation. The baby sucking breast reflex is a contraction of the uterus, sometimes the mother feels pain in the lower abdomen, comparable to the fight. And after caesarean section due to the presence of a seam on the uterus, its ability to reduce low, and the allocation of lohii longer.

Being at home without the supervision of doctors, it is necessary to monitor the color, amount and odor lohii. Indeed, in the postpartum period, the body is weakened and easily can develop the infection. Concern is:

- the appearance of a sharp unpleasant smell, which is sometimes accompanied by fever and discomfort in the pubic area.

- massive selection of blood clots, or renewal of a discharge of blood clots after some decrease in their number

- abrupt cessation lohii

- the presence of caseous discharge, which indicates the occurrence of fungal infection.

- in cases of severe bleeding from the vagina when you want a change of several strips per hour, it is necessary to call "03"

The above points themselves will never disappear. To eliminate the need to consult a gynecologist and the sooner the better. Perhaps even require inpatient treatment.

To avoid this, you need to follow the rules of personal hygiene, not to be lazy. It is often necessary to wash with warm water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate. To take a shower every day, but the tub is not. Often change the gasket, ideally 2-3 hours. Not to buy pads with different flavors, even with chamomile. In the prone position you can put yourself disposable diaper position. In any case, do not use tampons, because their use is impaired outflow lohii of the uterine cavity, and the likelihood of development of infectious process significantly increases. You can prepare the strip independently of gauze, turning it into several layers. Underwear should be made of cotton (cotton), to let in the air.

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