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Most people with colds prefer inhalation, as a more effective method of treatment. The emphasis in this case more is that during the process of inhalation reduced the percentage of drug consumption. Today to do inhalation using different types of inhalers, of which the market presents to your attention a great many.

All known inhalers divided into several types, which are widely distributed today. In a separate group point out, steam inhalers, nebulizers, also ultrasonic and compressor. About steam inhalers need to know the following: this species resembles what many used to call "old method". Making inhalation using a steam inhaler you can add one of the essential oils for a good warm up respiratory tract. Do not immediately run to the pharmacy for this unit, because it has certain disadvantages, in the first place when boiling, a large percentage of useful properties added oils or herbs markedly reduced. Their own attractiveness of this inhaler has a relatively small price.

Nebulizer is another common form of inhalers, more effective, because it works on the principle of the fog. Of the drug liquid form it does spray. In favor of such a device, there is another argument, nebulizer razmelchite particles to incredibly small sizes, if the particle is too small it can get deeper, consequently, increases the efficiency of its application.

Next on the list is ultrasonic nebulizer. About him we can say the following, provided that the procedure lasts more than 15 minutes, this is quite enough for inhaler order to clean the entire surface of the respiratory tract. Use with oils, are also a good set of herbs. Of course, there are a number of those drugs that are not recommended in this type of inhaler, because different processes can have a negative impact on the quality of the preparation used.

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And the last type of nebulizer and compressor. In favor of such a device, we can say that for solution for inhalation can be used a variety of tools, ranging from medicinal herbs and fees to various medications.

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