Select contact lenses

Nowadays it is almost impossible to find people with perfect vision. With the advent of contact lenses, many people breathed a sigh of relief, because it helped to solve many problems with complexes of wearing glasses in young people.

According to statistics, more than half of the lens holders are young people aged 13 to 24 years. Few people know, but the idea about the production of this know-how was made by Leonardo da Vinci. So what is a contact lens? Perhaps, this is the best tool that can correct your vision, because it is worn directly on the front surface of the eye. The lens is capable of taking any form of human eyes, so carefully chosen lenses can create high-quality images of objects on the retina, as well as to improve visual ability and reduce stress on the retina.

Often when choosing lenses, we are faced with the question of life, because there are so many:

- Lenses day - they should be changed daily; it Should be recognized that the purchase of a one-day lenses are the ideal choice for those who appreciate comfort and time, because this type of lens has a number of advantages that can't show others, such as the lack of care and the use of additional tools (cleaning fluid, cleaning tablets etc). These contact lenses are used and in the case of allergies, the person on the universal solutions when using lenses continuous wear.

- Contact lens replacement. The contact lenses two weeks are used from two weeks to three months. Naturally, this kind of lenses is not the most economical, as they require replacing more traditional, but this choice is due to the presence of undisputed advantages. When changing lenses at short intervals of time, you will reduce the risk of defective lenses, as well as reduce the risk of accumulation of the lacrimal sediment, bacteria, and chemicals used for flushing lenses.

Traditional lenses used from six months to a year.As research has shown, this is exactly the type of lenses, which selects the most customers due to the economy. This type of lenses requires not only normal daily care, but also more thorough, once a week with the use of special tools.

There is another aspect, which should guide the choice of lenses - they normally wear. The most preferred lenses are daily wear, requiring removing them before going to sleep, but there are two types of lenses, which will save You from having to contact lenses extended wear (from two days to one month) and the flexible lens wear (they can not be removed at all until expiration).

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