Sedentary work increases the risk of depression

Experts from the University of Tasmania conducted a survey 3367 public officials. They studied the level of anxiety, depression, during the month that lasted study. In addition, the volunteers should monitor the amount of physical activity and degree of job satisfaction. Data provided by the publication of Psych Central.

It turned out that a sedentary lifestyle and work in one place affect a person's mental state. People who are on the chair in front of a working computer for more than six hours a day have an increased level of depression and anxiety.

Men spent at the work place about five hours every day, women - four hours. The link between depression and the static position of the body was more noticeable among women.

Note, even visiting the gym did not help to cope with the accumulated per day voltage. Scientists advise you to take breaks at work and try to do simple exercises right in the workplace. There are even special "office" program.

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