Sedentary lifestyle Solarium brain – scientists

Research group of Boston University came to the conclusion: "sedentary work" has a negative impact on the brain. In experiment have taken part more than 1,5 thousand volunteers without diseases of the cardiovascular system and dementia. Before the beginning of the study to assess the physical development of all subjects tested on a treadmill, says The Times of India.

After 20 years, the volunteers once again passed the test. For examination of the brain scientists have used MRI. The data obtained by the experts were compared with the lifestyles of people. Known fact: in poor physical fitness even a little physical activity lead to a sharp increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

Interesting was another. Volunteers who coped with running bad, had more pronounced changes in the brain: for 20 years the authority has significantly decreased in volume. Scientists recommend to maintain physical activity, even a sedentary lifestyle. Useful even a short walk in the fresh air after the eight-hour day in the office.

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