Secrets of longevity from China

Many people are looking for the source of health and youth not only with the help of modern medicine, but in the secrets of folk medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is shrouded in an aura of mysteries and secrets, the Chinese have always been known for its health and longevity, so it is obvious to learn they have something.

As reported on the website the first rule of health Chinese medicine is breath - breathe easily and smoothly. Whenever you need to cope with stress and stay calm come to the aid of a measured breath.

The second rule helps to avoid wrinkles, you need to massage the facial skin. Healthy back to ensure a straight posture, in addition there is a psychological trick, with a straight back person and feel better and healthier.

For healthy longevity is extremely important to good vision because the eye must always be mobile, it is necessary every day to carry out exercises for the eyeballs.

The skin - it should always be hydrated is to drink more water, sleep well, do not sunbathe for a long time and then you have to be old to be velvety smooth skin.

The last rule may surprise you - is more likely to stretch the Achilles tendon to walk on heels by Chinese accept the tendons lives life energy.

The Chinese are quite negative about diets, they only dry up the body. Need to eat what nature provides, then the body harmoniously filled with power and energy. Such simple rules according to the European man hardly can add extra years of life, but the entire Chinese nation proves their effectiveness by their example.

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