Secrets of beautiful and healthy hair

Beautiful hair always attracts the gaze of others, but not all women are caring for them properly.

Seemingly simple procedure - washing your hair, but you should know a few details:

- Hair should not be washed daily, as this will cause them to dry out. Wash your hair at least every other day, otherwise, sebaceous glands after interaction with the alkali shampoo, will begin to work more intensely, i.e. hair faster will become fat;

- After washing your hair, they need to first apply the mask, and then the conditioning (and not Vice versa, as do many women). The scales of the hair after applying shampoo - open, clearing them from contamination; then applied to the hair mask (for 15 minutes) will retain their medicinal properties, if after rinsing, the hair, apply the conditioner. Air conditioning should be used every time you wash the hair, and the mask only when every second for damaged hair, and every fourth for normal;

- When choosing a shampoo, a mask or conditioner, it is necessary to consider the structure of their hair and their problems (oily, brittle, split ends). Shampoo mask and air conditioning should be preferably from the same line, they will complement each other and strengthen the effect. It is best if you will choose a professional hair care.

To cope with the increased oiliness of the hair will help simple procedure: rinse the hair with mineral water after washing them. Also, this problem will help to cope shampoos, having in its composition of tea tree extract.

Hair loss is a normal process in the renewal of hair. People every day lose up to 100 hairs per day! Minor benefits shampoos specifically designed for hair brittle and prone to falling, but in reality this problem can be solved with the help of vitamins. If the hair loss will become a serious loss, it is necessary to address to the doctor, trichologist.

In addition, you need to know:

is that hair is not acquired unwanted fat, all funds (shampoo, mask, air conditioning) should be carefully washed from the hair;

wet hair should not be rubbed with the hands and comb, as they begin to stretch that leads to breakage;

after wash hair gently squeeze dry with a towel and a little dried under a hair dryer before combing.

Because Hairdryer, Curling iron, crimper greatly damage the hair, it is necessary to use special means of protection (spray, balsam, serum), which protects against overheating the top layer of hair, while retaining their natural glow and moisture, and eliminates the statistical voltage. Get rid of split ends by using a special oil that should be applied to the ends of her hair, carefully rubbed his palms.

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