Seaweed: what is good for the heart?

In the framework of the program "NutraMara" Dr. Michelle Tierney and Mary Hays figured out the benefits of seaweed and which kinds are the most useful for human health.

As stated by Maria Gijs: "algae are the source of nezamenimykh fatty acids, which can reduce risk and improve the condition of patients with cardiovascular disease, reducing thrombus formation and manifestation of atherosclerosis".

In its composition of marine algae contain, in addition to the "good" fatty acids, useful for patients with cardiac pathology inhibitors angiotenzinovymi enzymes. These substances are widely used in cardiology due to its cardioprotective, angioprotective and hypotensive properties.

Of the eight species of algae, which are traditionally used in food, the most abundant useful composition "Pelvetia canaliculata".

In Ireland seaweed used extensively in the diet. Only about 36 thousand tons of algae produced in Ireland, of which the majority consists of Kelp and Focusy. A small portion goes to the production of cosmetics, everything else as food.

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The conclusions obtained in the studies provide widely recommend seaweed as an ingredient in the diet of people with the purpose of prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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