Seasoning a pizza fights against cancer

Many deny myself the pleasure to eat pizza as follow figure. They may change their minds when they learn that the Italian pizza - oregano (oregano) is able to fight cancer.

Scientists from the University of long island has tested cells of prostate cancer, it turned out that oregano contains carvacrol, this organic compound triggers cancer cells to self-destruct.

Scientists had previously identified the effect of "suicide" of cells, but it was connected with lycopene from tomato paste in pizza, but now scientists have exactly identified the saving ingredient in Italian dishes oregano. This dressing is placed not only at the pizza toppings, but in the pasta, this is one of the favorite spices Italians.

Now the problem of cancer is concerned all the more erudite of the planet, offers treatment hormonally, radiation therapy, surgery to remove tumors, however, these methods pose serious complications for the patient. If scientists can create a drug on the basis of oregano, which is simply programs the cancer cells to self-destruct, it will be the first drug against cancer without significant side effects.

"Oregano on performance and anti-inflammatory properties which can be easily placed on a shelf Superfoods from, the strength of the cancer, this product is equal to the turmeric," said study author Dr. Supriya Bavdekar

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