Screens distract from normal meal

Today, an increasing number of people forget about the fact that eating is best done in the kitchen. Where people do not eat: from the chair in front of the TV, to the computer table in front of the monitor. British experts have found that any of the listed methods of food intake leads to the fact that people overeat. In addition, they proved the fact that anyone who dines out or dine in a similar way, eats more sweets, his attention is not paid to the meal.

The experts found that the person who is receiving food and at the same time playing on the computer or looking at Internet sites, do not feel that they were filled, and, as a result, consume more food and thus more calories.

This conclusion is confirmed by experiment, during which all those volunteers who ate in front of the computer, during the dessert took twice the amount of calories. In addition, they were not even able to remember the order of serving food, and after dinner they had a feeling of hunger.

Earlier studies have shown that fat people more than others like to eat in front of the screen, paying more attention to what is happening on it.

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