Scottish medic found a common language with animals

Amazing experience got a Scottish physician. During 30 years of research, he learned to understand the language of some animals and even talk with them. Information provided by canadian researcher Ian Duncan in the edition of The Daily Mail.

During a series of tests, scientists have developed a unique system that allows you to have conversations with animals. Interestingly, the response can be obtained from dogs and cows. The researcher argues that animals are extremely intelligent creatures, and the man largely diminish the level of development of their intelligence.

The study tries to give an answer for the animal offering the subject the sample to choose between the two options. Such observations suggest the desire of the animal.

The program allowed us to obtain information about the living conditions of the investigated animals, their health condition. The physician plans to continue research and to improve the functionality of your device. Details of this study will be heard at the conference in Washington.

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