Scoliosis: causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of disease

This disease is a typical pathology of musculoskeletal system, which affects more than 80% of the population. Scoliosis is divided into simple (characterized by the presence of one arc of curvature), and complex (affected several arcs at the same time) and total (the process captures the entire spine).

Staging of the disease is determined by the doctors that they emit 1, 2, and scoliosis of 3 degrees. Initial symptoms can occur even in very early childhood, although most teenagers it is detected in the middle and senior school age. Unfortunately, scoliosis may have acquired the character due to paralysis, rheumatic and paralytic changes either from simple habits to keep the wrong posture.

The most prominent symptoms are:

- back pain;

- visual changes of gait;

functional disorders of posture.

Scoliosis children in the early stages of his appearance are treated using the most conservative method is rich in vitamins a balanced diet, regular outdoor games, gymnastics. Also applicable laying wooden shield on the bed of a sick - bed should be firm. Severe physical exertion in such a situation absolutely contraindicated.

Only the following:

gymnastics therapeutic nature;

- massage;

- swimming exercises;

- correction of the posture using the corset.

The main preventive method is to regularly maintain correct posture. Activities are put forward such basic requirements:

sitting in the same position for no more than 20 minutes;

- stand is not less than 10 seconds at a time;

- definitely need to periodically change the position of the legs (particularly the feet can stretch under the table);

- you need to sit in the correct posture: hands are on the armrests, the very back is straight and your knees bent clearly right angle;

- from time to time it is necessary to perform typical compensatory exercise.

Daily preventive activities such as morning fitness training, regular active recreation properties, hardening, restorative exercise outdoors, sports and, of course, correct rich in vitamins and minerals nutrition.

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