Sclerotherapy is a method of treatment of varicose veins without surgery

Sclerotherapy is a method of treatment of diseases such as, for example, varicose veins, blood and lymph vessels, and various vascular neoplasms, both benign and malignant character. All this method consists of filling the cavity of the affected vessel with a special substance, with its subsequent bonding. After a certain amount of time is resorption of this vessel.

Sclerotherapy is very effective non-surgical way to treat such common ailments as varicose veins.

In the beginning of this process, hold the puncture of a vein, then climbs suction test, then in the lumen of the vessel, usually a vein, injected with a special substance with sclerosing properties. Currently, there are several such substances, these include fibrovan or atoxicity. Immediately after the drug is elastic compression method that promotes bonding of the walls of Vienna. The entire procedure is done very quickly, and after it is recommended to do a one-hour walk. Sclerotherapy has virtually no contraindications, and during the process the patient did not experience any pain. The whole process takes place under strict ultrasound control.

A variation of the above manipulation is microsclerotherapy. Its main feature is the lack of the need for lining elastic compress on the place sclerosing vessel.

In some clinics also foam sclerotherapy. During the procedure, the drug is injected into the veins in the form of foam, which significantly improves the speed and quality of its contact with the walls of Vienna, and thus leads to more effective results.

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Of the complications that are likely to develop after this procedure, you can select all sorts of allergic reactions, as well as the possibility of the development of necrotic processes in the skin over the site sclerosing vessel. Often, complications arise when incorrect and inaccurate introduction of sclerosing drug. This means that, when correctly performed procedure, all the complications are minimized.

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