Scientists: young fathers experience depression after giving birth

Previously it was thought that depression after childbirth suffer only women. As it turned out, men can also experience depression after the birth of the child. To such conclusion the American scientists in their study. The information was published in the journal Pediatrics.

In the study, researchers analyzed the health of more than ten thousand men. The average age of the volunteers ranged from 24 to 32 years. Experts from northwestern University found that depressive symptoms occur in two of the three men after the baby is born.

Note, to date, this study is the first in this area. Early work was mainly studied the issues of women's depression.

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Study author Craig Garfield believes that to be depressed in the first years of a child's life cannot. Depression of the parents is passed to the baby. It is in infancy formed a strong relationship between parents and children. The researchers found that children whose parents fell into depression, often have problems with speech, memory, were too aggressive.

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