Scientists: you can lose weight with pasta

Many people believe, lose weight on the pasta impossible, but extra weight gain is please. Italian scientist Leach, Iacoviello tried to dispel this myth.

Nutritionists conducted research with the participation of 20,000 people in Italy. Volunteers, together with the main food consumed a small amount of pasta. Proved that the product activates the metabolism and provides the body with slow carbohydrates. The main thing is to buy a pasta of good quality, and digest them.

Use vegetable Supplement, not creamy sauces and fatty meats when cooking pasta. Then the pasta will help with weight loss, experts believe.

"A lot of people clearly underestimate the contribution of pasta to the weight loss. And it is in vain, because spaghetti is the basis of the Italian diet," concludes Leach, Iacoviello.

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