Scientists: yoga can help patients who have had breast cancer

Once again scientists have proven the usefulness of practicing yoga. Employees of Ohio University within six months surveyed 200 women of different ages. They were all United by the fact of having cancer in the past various extents. Fortunately, they managed to recover, however, cancer is not a disease that makes you forget about yourself even after a long time. Research has proven that yoga can lower manifestations of inflammatory reactions in women who have recovered from breast cancer.

Scientists have divided the patients into two groups. Some systematically practiced yoga, others proposed to continue its normal rhythm of life under the supervision of physicians. The health status of the subjects was monitored by blood (the level of interleukin, tumor necrosis factor - markers of inflammation). Most women that have gone through the operation, felt tired in a long time. Their mental state is sometimes left much to be desired.

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As a result of constant yoga fatigue vanished and decreased by 41%. Decreased the number of inflammatory markers in the blood. After three months, most of the women from the group, engaged in yoga, confidently said that won apathy and constant fatigue. Inflammatory reactions in the body decreased significantly. The yoga instructors say, this hobby will help anyone who wants to change their lives for the better.

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