Scientists: Y-chromosome effect on the risk of death in men

Y chromosome determines male life expectancy of the population and plays a role in cancer processes. The data were confirmed in a study involving 1153 people aged 70 to 83 years. Scientists from the Swedish University established: men who have lost the functional activity of the Y chromosome, lived at 5.5 years less than the rest, reports the BBC.

According to statistics, in European countries women live longer than men by 7.5 years. Previously, scientists could only speculate about the reasons for the gap in life expectancy. Now all became clear. Experts have traced many cells in the process of life is lost the Y chromosome. If the number of casualties exceeds a certain level, the death in men occurs much earlier. In addition, loss of the Y chromosome leads to an increased risk of cancer.

Using the data obtained, it is possible not only to establish the causes and consequences of male and female mortality, but also to start developing new tools aimed at strengthening the genetic apparatus of cells.

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