Scientists: working day from 9 to 17 hours of such torture

Traditional working day, scientists believe, does not converge with the biorhythms of most people. To get up at six or seven in the morning to get to work by nine quite difficult. And not everyone has the opportunity to leave work at 17 o'clock, many stay and work out plan.

Experts from Oxford University suggest employers to shift the chart. Working day, in their opinion, should begin at 10 am. "The earlier start of the working day leads to sleep deprivation. We have from sleep deprivation affects the entire society," says Professor Paul Kelly of Oxford University, the head of research.

Scientists compare 9 to 17 with a torture that take away people's health and desire to live. Given that most of the people working at this time generally in shifts and daily, the government should pay attention to this problem.

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