Scientists: women's fertility does not depend on age

A new study by experts from the University of San Diego refuted the existing theory that women over thirty are less likely to become pregnant. Hitherto it was believed that women in their twenties are more likely to become pregnant than women at the age of thirty and more years. According to the author of the study Professor Jean Tweng, the prevailing opinion is based on outdated statistical data, which were taken from the time when the best treatment was not available, and the quality of life of the people was much lower.

At the same time the author of the research refers to scientific study conducted among 770 women in Europe. As a result of this research work it was found that among women 35-39 years of age who had sex at least twice a week, pregnancy occurred in 82 percent of cases, and among women in the age group 27-34, this figure was 86 percent. From this we see that the difference is small.

In addition, the study's author believes that infertility among women, for the most part, does not depend on age, but from obstruction of the fallopian tubes and endometriosis. Meanwhile, this assertion has already been opponents who insist that a woman's fertility begins to decline after 31 years, falling to 37 years and completely disappears in 41.

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