Scientists: women more sensitive than men to smell

A group of scientists from Europe conducted a study which shows that women are more sensitive than men to smells. In the experiments, participated 11 men and 7 women. Volunteers participated in the experiment during the greater part of his life.

People died for various reasons, aged 55-94 years. Note, all volunteers were associated with areas of perfume or cooking. In these areas required a great olfactory analyzer and a subtle sense of smells and tastes.

Researchers conducted a post-mortem analysis of the olfactory bulbs of people. It turned out that the women in the bulb fits almost one and a half times more neurons than men (16.2 million vs. 9.2 million men, a difference of 42%). In General, the olfactory bulb of women developed better and is able to capture a wider range of odors.

There is a theory, which developed sense of smell in women laid evolution and necessary to choose the right partner to build a family.

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