Scientists: women and men react differently to disease

Researchers from the University of Washington and University chamber of Commerce Thailand proved that diseases have a different impact on men and women. Information was established in the analysis of nearly three thousand men and women. The evaluation has been the quality of life of people, their physical and mental health, writes Psych Central.

Diseases with the same symptoms affect women more severely than men. Men were less resistant to disease with many symptoms. Scientists noticed in this case, a sharp increase in anxiety.

The experiences of these women almost did not depend on the number of symptoms. Interestingly, in General, mental illness less influence on the quality of life of women. Among men, that relationship could not be detected.

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According to the obtained data, compliant women are less likely to have experienced mental disorders. This may be due to their more flexible mentality and the ability to adapt to any situation. Anxiety disorders, depression and other common mental illness were less likely to affect a group of unscrupulous women. The lack of systematics in life and the combination of this factor with the disease almost does not change the way of life, scientists say.

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