Scientists: with gluten should be careful even in the absence of celiac disease

Even with a normal reaction to gluten it is better to reduce in the diet number of products with this connection. According to scientists from the Medical center of Columbia University. According to recent studies, even in the absence of celiac disease, the gluten damages the intestinal cells and disrupts the immune system in the body. About it writes the Internet-the portal

In celiac disease the human body "rebelling" against products with gluten. This compound found in barley, wheat, rye, and many other products. One piece of bread from a sick man develops severe diarrhea, pain and bloating.

In the experiment, 40 patients with celiac disease people, and 40 healthy volunteers, scientists proved, even without disease gluten is not very useful for the intestines. According to the study, only a 6-month gluten-free diet allows you to completely calm the immune system.

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