Scientists will soon be able to defeat pain

Genetic modification should help patients with severe pain, experts say. Pain experience of cancer patients and people with wounds. The creation of a universal pain medication is an important trend in medicine, tells Science World Report.

About ten years ago, scientists discovered that sodium channel Nav 1.7 is involved in the formation of feelings of pain. Muting the channel via mutations of genes allows to completely get rid of pain. It proves an experiment with laboratory mice. Animals given mutation in Nav 1.7 and gave them the Naloxone. This drug brought back a sense of pain in mice. Naloxone produced a similar effect in women with loss of sodium channel Nav 1.7.

Partial blockage of the channel can help patients with severe pain, experts say. Now in severe cases, sick people are either narcotic analgesics, addictive, or anti-inflammatory drugs in large quantities. Already in 2017 scientists plan to start clinical trials of a new drug on humans.

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